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This site is not sponsored or maintained by Rippln, but by one of Rippln's many Inner Circle Fans:Elliott Dixon


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What is Rippln?

Rippln is the first ever "incentivized sharing technology platform" that, unlike any other tech company, enables its users to track their "ripple effect" across the world as they share Rippln's apps, games, and other products throughout their ever-expanding ripple, incentivized also by the fact that users have the potential to be rewarded (monetarily and in other ways) by Rippln for the value they create in this vast marketplace.

Rippln believes people deserve to have transparency in their "social graph" and they deserve to get rewarded for the value they are creating for all the multi-billion dollar tech companies out here. That's what Rippln is and stands for, and their rewards program reflects their innovative approach of valuing the end user in its technology platform. Something other technology platforms have never done before! All this is why Rippln is more than just a tech company, it is a platform. More accurately, it is a Movement!


Joining RIPPLN is generally by invitation from someone already in "The Ripple", like me, Elliott Dixon, and by clicking the link above or below, then completing the 1-minute registration you will be joining my "ripple". Consider this my invitation to you to join the most significant movement since the Industrial Revolution. And be assured that you will be in good company, for I am in turn within the ripples of several great internet marketing leaders who will shower you with tremendous support and inspiration, leaders like Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson and Ann Sieg. In other words, you will be considered to be a member in each of their ripples as well! 


Since our 4/13/2013 launch, over 1,400,000 people are now in "The Ripple", in over 250 countries!



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to learn how RIPPLN is re-defining the business model of how products are distributed throughout the global marketplace through the convergence of network marketing, mobile technology, social networking and other trends. See how you can GET PAID from the "ripple effect" YOU create from sharing those products (apps, games, media, books, music, etc., even common "hard" retail products) throughout your "ripple". See how you can GET PAID from all transactions that take place within the ripple you build.

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Rippln's first app released September 10, 2013!

Rippln's first app is now LIVE! It's a very cool game currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The Android version will be released on or about October 7, 2013. One great feature of this game is that you can actually have people join your Ripple directly by providing them a special link to the game, unique to you, and when they register within the game they will automatically become a member of your Ripple. This feature will enable you to spread your Ripple quite rapidly, even virally, right from the start! So NOW is a perfect time to join Rippln!  Actually, I could give you right now my own unique, direct link to this game, but it is best not to provide the link on a website accessible by all computers, such as this website. It is a link that should be opened from within the mobile device to which the game will be downloaded. Hence the link is promoted best from a website designed specifically for mobile devices, by SMS text messages, and by emails to people with the instruction to open the link from their mobile device. (This website is mobile-friendly, but its content is not specifically written for a person using a mobile device). I am also not revealing the name of the game here for similar reasons: Without my unique link anyone could go to the App Store and download the game, but in doing so the app's tracking feature would have no way of "knowing" it was me who shared the game with you, and although eventually you may be placed randomly into someone's ripple, it likely would not be my ripple. So, for now I request that you first join RIPPLN directly through one of the links on this site, and then after you register with Rippln I wholeheartedly encourage you to proceed to download the game to your phone, start playing and sharing it with all your family and friends, and join all our excitement over this, our first, app!

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RIPPLN is now in Phase 2, its Commerce Phase. The Rippln Rewards Plan is now LIVE! Rippln Players have already begun cashing in rewards points for CASH PAYOUTS! To "level up" and become a Player requires a one-time activation fee of $95, and , beginning 30 days later, a fee of $30 per month. This is a non-commissionable administrative fee that provides you access to all the contact information and transactional data in your Ripple.